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tiniest treasure update

I thought I would give you all a quick update on our embryo adoption.  But before I go there, let me quickly address something that seems to have people very concerned.  We do appreciate that so many of you care about our tiniest blessings.

My inbox is filled with messages saying, “Did I miss something?  Have you cancelled your embryo adoption?”  And even, “How can you just abandon your embryos?”

God’s plan to move us back to the mission field has absolutely nothing to do with our embryo adoption–nor will it affect it. These are our children!  They have our name! We adore these four tiny blessings and would never even consider stopping the process now.  Oh my goodness, that would be like leaving some of my children behind. If the Father blesses us with a pregnancy, they go with us.  Just like any adoption.  And for the many who have asked, where we’re going has excellent medical facilities and we will all have very good care.  Not even a tiny concern to us.  We would never put our children in harm’s way or in a position where their needs could not be met.

When we “seek the Kingdom above all things”….He is faithful to take care of every detail and every need. He promises us that, “ALL THESE THINGS will be added unto you.”

The Salems have a motto. Well, it’s actually straight from the Word of God. We teach our kids always, in every situation…LET YOUR YES BE YES! No matter what! When we say yes, we’re all in…right to the very end.


I have finally (because I’m a painfully slow learner) reached a place in my life where I can no longer question or doubt my God’s sovereignty.  Living a surrendered life (which we are still figuring out day by day) means that we go with it…we embrace ALL that He has for us–the good, the hard, the blessings, and the challenges. I believe with all my heart–because His plans and purposes for us and for these four embryos are good–that the message of embryo adoption (which is completely unheard of in my country, I’m told) will go with us.  THAT is a blessing.  THAT is God! If hearts are opened and the testimony that God has written for these four frozen lives touches hearts there and God opens a door, we would absolutely rejoice!  He is God and I am not. Have Your way, Lord Jesus!

It’s been an amazing week for me and our little loves.  I’m handling the medication pretty well and next week we add the progesterone shots every day.  Yikes!  I have learned that I am tougher than I thought (with the help of my new BFF…ice!).  Now I just have to learn how to give the shots to myself.  I’m traveling alone to my clinic and will have to continue on with them every day.  I know I can do it.  I just need to try {gulp}.

I had my final ultrasound this week.  I must admit that I was a little nervous.  The main thing they needed to check was that the lining of my uterus was where it should be.  Considering that I’m, ummmm, what’s that ridiculous definition they give to moms like me?  Advanced maternal age? I wasn’t quite sure how it would go.  My clinic did prepare me for the fact that if things weren’t where they needed them to be, I would have to take more medication.  Probably another shot.  I’m sure of it.  What’s one more, anyway?!  Ha!

So my clinic called me about an hour after my appointment with the news.  “We require your lining to be at 8 something-or-other.  Yours is at 14!  Your uterus is PERFECT to accept these babies and give them the best possible chance!”  Almost double what it needed to be! How good is the Lord?  How much does He adore these precious children?

Glory hallelujah!

Oh, my Jesus, He has been so faithful to me on this journey.  I cannot even tell you.  With everything looking good and on track, I booked my hotel today.  Just ten more days.  To me, the feelings, the anticipation is no different to any of our other adoptions.  My heart is so expectant as I wait to see what He has chosen for these embryos and my family.  No matter which way things go, I am confident that His glory will shine brightly.

Thank you for loving us.  Thank you for praying.  And thank you for trusting with us that in all these things, all the glory, all the honor and all the praise will be HIS.