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today I…

~~~  Slept a little later than I usually do.  It felt so good.

~~~  Felt so exceedingly blessed.  And I mean blessed. We have recently been given a passenger van big enough for our family.  Given!  For the last three months we have been going places in two cars as we had outgrown ours.  Until someone who cared felt led by the Lord to help out.  Oh my goodness, we are so absolutely thankful. Such a wonderful gift from a dear friend. Manna straight from heaven.  Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that the car I drive would be a huge passenger van. Just as well God doesn’t show us the future when we’re twenty years old.

~~~  Missed my family in South Africa something awful.  I don’t know why, but for some reason I have been missing them so much recently.  I have been living overseas for nine years now, and still the aching in my heart remains. How I long for heaven when every tear will be wiped away.

~~~  Got concerned about my Hailee girl.  It has been well over a month since she has gained any weight.  She is still hovering at nineteen or twenty pounds.  My five year old angel needs to grow more. She seems to have lost her appetite a bit. She is having horrible issues with swallowing–the food just does not go down easily.  I need to make an appointment to have a swallow study done soon.

~~~  Had a really, really, really, really bad attitude about doing housework.  Why oh why does it seem to be so never ending on some days?

~~~  Ran to the grocery store to stock up on the pantry that seems to get empty in the blink of an eye.  Who in the world eats all the food I buy?  Surely we don’t eat that much?  Um, yeah, I guess we do.

~~~  Loved the slightly cooler weather we had today. 

~~~  Received three packages of homeschooling supplies.  Now I just have to figure out where to pack it.  We are so short on storage space in this little house. Time to get creative.

~~~  Wondered what has happened to summer?  Where did it go so fast?  I’m not ready for school to start.

~~~  Visited an awesome, totally amazing church.  They’re doing it—fulfilling the great commission, that is.  269 people saved through their various ministries in just one week.  We witnessed scores of people running up to the altar to receive salvation. Yep, I think they get it.

~~~  Could not believe that all seven of my children actually stayed in children’s church for the entire duration of the service.  Miracles do still happen I tell you.

~~~ Begged the Lord for His healing hand to be upon sweet Lily.  What a crazy journey my friend Rachel has had.  Just home from China and into the hospital with Lily. No fun at all.

~~~ Loved the view from in here…

~~~  Decided on paint colors to get going on some new projects.

~~~ Had an interesting conversation with my almost six year old about the recent VBS he did.

Us:  “Did you have a fun time at VBS, Cade?”

Cade: “Yes, it was so much fun.”

Us:  “Did you learn about God and Jesus?”

Cade:  “YES–they are obsessed with God there!”

Good, we love it.

Didn’t even know he knew the obsessed word. But I guess he did. He’s growing up so fast.

~~~  Laughed when Hannah-Claire asked Connor if the “blizzard” he had when he went out on a date with Daddy was cold.  That girl keeps us giggling.

~~~  After seeing a very pregnant woman I tried to remember what it felt like to have a child growing in the womb. Why does it seem like such a long time ago for me?

~~~  Loved the beautiful hydrangeas my sweet hubby bought me for no reason at all.  Feeling loved has got to be one of the sweetest feelings in the world.

It’s been a good day.