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Too fragile for surgery

Just a quick Dr. Elizabeth update, Adeye is overwhelmingly exhausted from no sleep for two days and all the pain and stress.

When Adeye got Hasya safely to Denver, the specialists reviewed the X ray data and realized that there was no possible way to do the surgery that Hasya needed.  Her bone was so weak and fragile and shattered that there weren’t any strong places left to put the screws into to hold the rest together.  Plus, her anesthesia risk was far too high, even if the surgery had been technically possible.

So we wait.  For millenia, broken bones, shattered femurs have had to heal without surgery.  God has engineered wonderful systems to allow this to happen….we have cells called osteoclasts and osteoblasts that form and reform bone…. but the problem is that we have no idea if in Hasya’s bones, these systems are working as they should.  So we wait.

Because Anthony and Adeye’s tiny little daughter couldn’t have her surgery, the specialists fitted her with a splint and gave her excellent pain medicine and sent her HOME to heal surrounded by love for a week.  This is actually common for severe fractures, to wait to do definitive surgery for a little while until the patient is stable and any other trauma is resolved.

But in Hasya’s case, she’s not going to have gained ten pounds and gotten un-brittle bones in a week….so we wait.  We mght just have to wait for ALL the healing to take place naturally.

I’m sure Adeye will explain it better in the morning, but she is ever so grateful for your prayers and she wanted you to know what was up for this evening.

Good night, friends.  Thank you for surrounding our sister in Christ with so much prayer today.