tough decisions

There are times when things just don’t go the way we would so dearly love them too.

There are times when the answer we get from heaven is so not the one we were hoping to get.

Today has been one of those days for me.

Oh how desperately we were praying for a waiver on the ten day waiting period after court here in the Ukraine. 

We prayed.  Many others prayed.

Still….the judge said no way!

He will not waiver it.

Today has been one of those days.  The kind when I know without any doubt that my God is in control.  The kind when I am reminded all day long that nothing takes my God by surprise…and neither did this.  He allowed it to happen.  The process to complete Hailee and Harper’s adoption is going to take longer.

And I HAVE to be okay with that.  I cannot doubt my God.  I cannot doubt the fact that I KNOW nothing gets to me without first passing through the hands of my Almighty Father.

He is in control.  He knows and understands things that I cannot see in the flesh. 

The whole adoption process is already taking longer than we anticipated. Things are moving incredibly slowly in this region. Today we faced further obstacles that I wondered if we would find a way around–but we did. I have yet to even be given a court date.  Today I was told maybe next week, or even the week after.

There is no way I will be home before May.  And so we’re trying to make some tough decisions, me and my dear hubby.  Do I stay here after court and wait things out, or do I go home for a short while and then return.

It’s a heartbreaking decision. We’re moving in May–there is so much that needs to be done at home. My family misses me. But I have two angels here too. Oh my heart.  I feel so terribly torn tonight. We’re praying for clear direction from the Father.  I know He’ll show us the way.

I just know He will. He is so good to me.  Even when I don’t understand…He is GOOD.

One sweet bundle of love came to me with shoes on today.  The caretakers made her look all pretty for Mommy. She hated the shoes, they lasted all of five minutes before they ended up in her mouth.

This little love had a good time with me today. She seemed more alert, and less tired than she has been. Perhaps she is feeling more comfortable with me now. She is a teeny, tiny, bundle of pure joy.

Oh my goodness, she loves to giggle.  She thinks the silliest things are too funny. Melts my heart.

I cannot wait to put some pink on this girl.  She is always dressed in blue and green.

That bump on her little head–it will go away soon.  She bangs her head on the crib, probably out of boredom, or frustration. How I adore this precious angel girl.

Haper has a cold.  Poor little lovey. Her eyes are watery and her nose runny.

But that sure does not stop the little koala bear from wrapping herself around any available neck.  Tatianna (my facilitator) loved the cuddles. Can’t you tell?

And when Tatianna had had her cuddles, sister was next in line for some Harper love.

She can’t help herself, she just has to be a cuddle bug.

Our pretty little girl. She is such a gift to our family.

Even with a cold she is completely edible.

She loves so smile.  And when she does, I just can’t help but smile with her.

Yes, my heart is torn in two tonight, friends. Tough decisions need to be made in the next day or so.

Sometimes things just do not go as we had planned…but the Lord Jesus is still alive and well and more than able to see us through.  My Dad reminded me to look back and remind myself how incredible God has been on this adoption journey.  He is so right. I can truly look forward with hope in my heart, knowing that He has not abandoned us, and will see things through to completion.

This is a journey that continues to stretch my faith and force me to press into my God with everything that is within me.

He does ALL THINGS well! 

Thank you for journeying with me, sweet friends.  Your love and encouragement has truly meant the absolute world to me.  Your comments touch my heart so deeply, each one is so special and treasured. I am so grateful.