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Trial and error

Okay Dawn….mmmmmm, the fanny word. Well, let’s just say that where I am from it is used to refer to a certain anatomical body part on a woman 🙂 Tooooooo funny. You just CANNOT name a store that! LOL

Well, we’re learning through trial and error with Haven. Since arriving in Guangzhou (GZ), she has been absolutely terrified to go to bed, yet in Nanjing we had no problems. Every time we put her to bed she cries these desperate sobs and we have not been able to console her. Last night was no different. Eventually we thought of something…we got Hannah-Claire out of her bed and put her in with Haven. Voila! The crying stopped instantly. We remembered that in crowded orphanages they always pair the kids up in beds…this sweetie is just not used to sleeping alone. It was frightening for her to be in a big bed alone. In Nanjing one of us slept with her in a king bed, which is why we had no problems there. Phew….it is quite a thing getting things right with Haven, not only is there the language barrier, but also her inability to speak, even to a Chinese person. She just cannot express her needs. We need some serious Holy Spirit revelations daily :).

This shot was taken this morning. You can see how much it means to her to have someone with her in bed.

Today we do all the U.S. Consulate stuff, getting ready to come home. Anthony is doing okay, the pain in his back is still unbearable. He is going to try and see a doctor today. Jodi, all the doctors at the Garden Hotel are on annual leave for two weeks, yuk! We’ll see if he can see someone else today. Thank you so much for your prayers, everyone. Haven is a miracle before our eyes–every day with her is such a beautiful journey. Great is His Faithfulness!