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It’s been a crazy long day.  I know that some of you are not on Facebook and didn’t see my updates today, so I just wanted to stop by quickly and fill you in.

Hasya was in surgery for nearly four hours today (although it felt like ten!). 

The good news is that her hearing is great!  Praise Jesus!  More good news is that she had EIGHT baby teeth removed. There are still four more baby teeth which need to come out, but are not quite ready.  Her teeth are finally clean and we can start working on the gingivitis with a prescription mouthwash.

The not-so-good-news is that she handled the surgery poorly!  Poor little lovie has not been doing well.  Finally this evening they gave her morphine, which has helped.  Unfortunately it was discovered that her airway is very small, which made inserting a breathing tube for the surgery quite a task. You can just hear how sore her throat is. 

We are so thankful that her first procedure is complete.  The G tube is inserted and from here on getting good nutrition into Hasya will no longer be an issue.  We are grateful for that!

After some pretty intense appointments with her doctors today, I am wiped out!  As I explained to my friend, Elizabeth, tonight…some days I long for a doctor to be able to sit me down and give me the master plan for Hasya.  But I have learned very quickly that this will certainly not the be case with her. “Slow and steady” is definitely going to win the race with our oldest daughter.  And that’s okay.

Tonight I am so thankful for God’s healing hand upon our sweet girl.  He truly does make all things beautiful in His time.