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an update on Lillian

Last night the body of Christ came together to pray for Lillian in force. The mighty army of God was mobilized to intercede through the night. Lillian was hanging on by a thread–fighting for her life. The good news is that Lillian is doing so much better this morning. Diane shared that at admission and during the night her O2 sats were in the 60s. BPs 60s over 20s (gulp!). Now they are 96/38!  Hallelujah!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. How faithful is our God? NOTHING is impossible for Him! He has heard the cries of His people and has answered.

Please continue to pray for darling Lillian and her precious family.  They still need to raise about $6000.00 to be able to HAND DELIVER their dossier to Lera’s country.  It is the only way they can officially receive her referral.  Would you prayerfully consider sowing seed to help sweet Lera to finally come home?  She has waited for two long years in an adult mental institution for her family to get to her.  The road has been marked with much pain and suffering but the Higbie’s have not given up on their child. They’re fighting with everything they have to get to their sweet daughter.

With one voice we declare into the heavenlies today, “Let my people GO!”

Please continue to pray for this little angel, Lillian.  May the Father touch every part of her little body that so desperately needs healing today!  We’re praying for you, little darling.

Donations to help Lera come home can either be made through Grace Haven Ministries or Project Hopeful. Both are tax deductible.

Thank you for BEING the hands and feet of Jesus to this family today.