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updates for those of you who are praying hard

Just to update you all quickly on Mattie and Ethan.  I know there are so many people around the world interceding for these two treasured little boys.

Today from Tracie–Mattie’s mom~~

“Mattie is medically “stable”, that being said, he is very sick and looks horrible. They drained 2 liters of fluid out of his abdomen in the past 24 hrs, and it is still draining. They had to give him blood last night, and they started blood pressure meds yesterday. Still no word on the specific infection.”

And from Shannon–Ethan’s mom ~~

“Ethan is not doing so well today. He spiked a fever overnight and his white blood count has shot up to 25 (from 8). As a result, surgery has been postponed until Monday. The problem is that this means his doctor will not be able to do the surgery. Will you please pray that we have the wisdom to make decisions in Ethan’s best interest?”

You can find both blogs listed on THIS POST.

My heart is so aching for the precious families of these two boys.  Sitting in ICU rooms–praying for very sick children is so, so hard.  Ethan and Mattie have both spent most of their short lives in hospitals.  How desperately their parents need energy and stamina to run their races with perseverance!  When the heart grows weary it is so comforting to know that the army of God is praying.

Please keep praying, friends!  We’re believing for their healing, in the name of Jesus!

Thank you.