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**urgent need**

Update:  THANK YOU for praying, everyone!  The twins have a family who has committed to bringing them home.  Thank you, Lord!

Lifeline has a unique opportunity to advocate for a sibling group of two in Latin America. They only have one week to advocate and find a family interested in them before the central authority splits the siblings up.

Lifeline has files, medicals, videos, and photos for families and their doctors to review.  They are beyond precious!


We urgently need to find a family for these beautiful two year old twins so that they can grow up together. K (girl) is completely healthy.  J (boy) has Spina Bifida and Arnold Chiari Type 2 Syndrome. According to tests, it looks like he will be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Cognitively, their psychologist believes they are both where they should be for their age. That’s great news!  A lot more information is available for anyone who is interested.

Would you please share their need, friends?  We are so believing that God will raise up a family who will be willing to keep these darling children together.  The thought of splitting them up is just heartbreaking. They’re family!

Please contact Annie at [email protected] for more information about these precious siblings.

We are so grateful for your help.  Thank you!