URGENT: please help!

I know that many of you are following Jack and Jensen’s journey to REDEMPTION.

I got an update from the Hovda family and it just about ripped my heart out.  Some things are hard to see.  This is one of them. Seeing children suffer is excruciating!

Sadly, sweet little Jack’s needs are not being met. 

The latest pictures show the harsh realities of his skin being unprotected from the sun and completely untreated.  This little guy is suffering unnecessarily–not because he is unloved where he is, but simply because the caretakers don’t know how to care for him with his extremely rare skin disease.

Jack urgently needs OUT, friends!  Every day is crucial and there can be absolutely no delays in getting this darling boy home, where he can get medical treatment and some relief.  It truly is only by the grace of God that he has survived all these years in this condition with no medical attention. Unfortunately, compared to the last pictures the family received, his condition is getting so much worse.

Please, please can we lift this family’s financial burden completely?  They have so much to do as they work to getting Jack and Jensen home as soon as is humanly possible.  Can we carry the weight of the financial load for them, please?

So far just over $13,000 has come in toward the Hovdas’ adoption.  We are so, so thankful to every single person who has sown into this adoption! They are almost halfway there.

Please let’s help the Hovda family to cross the finish line.  They are so close!

Donations are being received by Project Hopeful (specifically for this family) and are tax deductible.

Please share and let’s help this sweet boy (and his teenage brother) to come home where he belongs. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Hang in there sweet Jack, you are not forsaken.  Help is on the way!