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You all know that my heart absolutely aches for the older children who are stuck in orphanages around the world.  They’re the ones who see many little children leave with families, and they continue to wait. So many of them “age out” of the adoption system in their country–they become too old to be adopted (every country has its own age limits). 

If you have read here for a while and helped us to advocate for many precious teenagers who have longed to be chosen, you know all too well how many of these stories end.  Children who plead for families, for someone to give them a chance, are left with very little hope as they have to face a life of uncertainty outside of orphanage walls once they become too old to remain in the relatively safety of the only home many of them have ever known.  It’s one of the greatest catastrophes of the orphan crisis–teenagers walk out of orphanage gates with a grocery bag containing their meager earthly belongings, a few dollars to get them started in their new life, and literally nowhere to go!  Sadly, many are preyed upon and the suicide statistics are unfathomable. 

A friend passed on to us the story of another young man who came to the U.S. on a hosting program recently.  He is one of the many children who is pleading for a family of his own.  It breaks my heart. I have to share in the hope that someone will step out of their comfortable boat and give this boy a chance too—just like Slavik, Luke (go and read his story and see what God can do when we say yes to a teenager!), Eden, Ava, Holden, and many others.

Can we please help Ivan by sharing his desperate longing for a family?

Ivan’s host family shares about this special young man….

“My family and I have hosted a young man from Ukraine last summer and we were very much hoping to adopt him. 

His name is Ivan and he is 15 years old. Very loving and caring, loves to help around pretty much with anything. Loves to have fun, never tired to go places and do fun things. 

Unfortunately due to serious reasons we cannot proceed with our adoption process. We love him very much and care for him. We still call him and talk to him over the phone and Skype. He would like to be adopted by an American family and was very excited about this possibility! So my mission right now here on FB is to find Ivan a family. A family that would love him for who he is, understand his needs and help him grow into a fine young man. A Christian family. He was happy to go to church with us and worship. Our hearts hurt that we cannot do it. But I believe that there is a family for him out there and he will be happy surrounded by loving people. 

Please help us find Ivan a family. Pray with him, share this post, tell others about him and to those whose hearts are open for adoption of a teenage child. That’s the least we can do. If you are looking into the eyes of your future son, please let me know and I will provide you with much more info on him. 

P.S. I wanted to emphasize that Ivan is turning 16 in the VERY beginning of July.  So we are looking for a family who can file their I600a before his 16th BDAY!”

Complete the preregistration listed below to read more about Ivan.

Then, for more information, CONTACT YOUR LOCAL COORDINATOR: 

SOUTHWEST Scott Libby (812) 391-4200
NORTHEAST Colleen Holt (513)-280-0089 or Christiana Kenna (610) 331-1534
MIDWEST Brandy Torvinen (906) 281-6018
SOUTHEAST Kendall Hudgins (214) 412-8505
ALL Other Areas Olena Keene 901)-277-5324.

This one too we pray, Lord Jesus!