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urgent prayer request

Tonight I come to you all begging for your prayers, please.

My friend Diane and her precious family have had such a hard week.  As so many of you know all too well, sometimes the road to bringing our children home through the blessing of adoption takes many twists and turns.  Sometimes things just don’t go as we had so hoped they would.

So it has been for the Higbie family.  This week they found themselves in a situation completely out of their control and have had to stretch their faith like never before–trusting and believing in the only ONE who is able to bring their sweet Lera home from a faraway land.

Today they are on their knees for a current family member. Today they’re trusting the LORD for the life of their precious baby girl, Lillian, who has had to be airlifted to the hospital.

Darling Lillian (who has Down syndrome) is fighting for her life with a life-threatening case of pneumonia. She is intubated and is currently NOT in a stable condition.

Lillian so desperately needs our prayers, friends.

Please stand with us and believe for a complete healing in the name of Jesus!  Trust that she will turn the corner very soon and that Jesus the HEALER will breathe LIFE into her little body.

Pray for supernatural peace for the whole family at this time. They have been through so much in one short week and are completely worn out.  Diane shared her heart with me this week through many tears.  She is a heartbroken mama longing to get to her angel from overseas….and now trusting for the life of her littlest.  Excruciating!

Please pray, Church.  This family needs us to rally behind them!

I will keep you posted as I get word.

Thank you for bringing this family, who loves Jesus passionately, before the throne today.