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Urgent Prayer Request

You may remember I posted about our friends, the Lyons, who’s son is battling cancer here. Oh friends, my heart is so heavy for them today. Last night Ian started having seizures. He was rushed to hospital and is now non-responsive. As I write, tests are being done to determine the cause of the seizures—either the cancer has really grown in his brain, or the treatment is working. It could one of the two!

Can you imagine your 13 year old boy going through this? My heart just cannot comprehend. This family loves God with all their hearts. No matter what the outcome of this, they trust their Father in heaven who knows what is best for them, and for their precious son.

And so we wait and we pray! Trusting God that this is temporary and that Ian will wake up really soon. They need a miracle from the Almighty—it is their only hope today. Would you pray with me? There is such power in prayer. I know that if I were in their situation, I would be so comforted to know that the multitudes were praying—we can do the same for the Lyons family. I know that God hears very single prayer that goes out for this boy.

You can visit their website here. Thank you bloggy friends, I appreciate your prayers so much. How wonderful that we can call on the glorious Body of Christ when there is a need.