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urgent prayer request!

Oh, my friends!  The truth about adoption is that sometimes things just do not go according to our plans–the way we so hoped and prayed they would. 

Today I come to you asking for your prayers for one precious family who many of you know from my blog.

Last December I sent out an urgent plea for a family for a very sweet boy in Ukraine.  His name was “Jonathan”.  The army of God rallied big time (in fact, I believe it is still the most read blog post ever here on my blog).  His story touched so many hearts. Thousands and thousands of people prayed for a family to step forward for this boy who was running out of time fast and needed a committed family before his sixteenth birthday.  We were told that Jonathan wanted nothing more than a family and that he understood his time to find one was short.

God answered our prayers and the Mickschl family were quick to hear the voice of the Lord saying, “Go!”  As fast as possible, they compiled all the necessary paperwork and a facilitator went to Jonathan’s orphanage to find out if he did indeed still want to be adopted. He said that he did–and that he was excited to finally have a family of his own.

Today my friends finally got to meet the boy who has become the son in their hearts. 

But things have not gone as well as we have all been praying they would.  Today Andrey (his real name) said no, he did not want to be adopted!  He is obviously so afraid.  I cannot even begin to imagine what it must be like to be sixteen and know nothing but the life inside those orphanage walls.  The thought of leaving it behind and going overseas with two people who don’t even speak the same language must be terrifying.

Hansina and Mark spent time praying for Andrey and then left the room where they had gathered.  Andrey was left to sign the necessary paperwork stating that he did NOT want to be adopted.

But he could not sign them!  He only sat staring at the paperwork–knowing full well that this is his last opportunity to have a family.  He was unable to make a decision. Andrey has asked the family to please give him a few days to think about it.  He has until this Friday to make a decision about whether or not he wants to be adopted.

So hard!

Adopting older children can be hard, friends.  These children only know their world inside of the orphanage walls.  My friends only want what is best for Andrey!  They long for him to know without a shadow of a doubt what he wants–that there will be no confusion in all the voices and opinions he is hearing.  If he decides to stay, they will trust that God has a plan and a purpose for his life right there in his own country.  And if he decides to come home with them, they are praying that he will know with absolute certainty that it is what he would love.

Would you PLEASE pray with us in the next two days?  Would you please join Hansina and Mark in believing that ONLY God’s perfect will will be done in this young man’s life?  That’s all anyone wants in this situation.  The family has gone into this adoption with their eyes wide open–knowing and understanding with all their hearts that there are so many unknowns when it comes to adopting older children. They want the best for Andrey–no matter which way this goes.

Please pray for each of their hearts which are no doubt very tender right now.  And also, let’s pray that the peace of God which passes all understanding will fill them to overflowing in the days to come.

Have YOUR way in the young man’s life, Lord Jesus!