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very urgent prayer request

Saturday update:  (From those who are working very closely with government officials):  With regards to PRECIOUS Sol and Christine and their kids….ALL pertinent government officials have been engaged since early this morning. I am confident that everything that can be done IS in fact being done by our government to resolve this issue and reunite this family. Please continue to pray for a QUICK release. This is an innocent family, this has been a terrible act of injustice……BUT, God….

The family has asked now that people NOT contact government offices or media outlets at this time! Things on the ground are in the works, and at this time all they NEED is prayer.

Please keep praying, church!  


Body of Christ, I come to you tonight begging for your prayers.

I got an urgent prayer request passed on to me from a friend tonight. This is too urgent NOT to share! This family so desperately needs us, the church, to intercede on their behalf.  They need us to RISE UP and pray without ceasing! They are fellow adoptive parents trying to adopt a sibling group of FOUR children from Ghana.  Unfortunately, things have gone horribly wrong and tonight they are in prison in Ghana–falsely accused of child trafficking!  They are separated from the children they are trying to adopt AND their beautiful biological children who are so little.  I simply cannot even imagine!

“There is a family in Ghana right now that has been arrested on (unfounded) charges of child trafficking. The family’s 6 children (2 bio & 4 newly adopted) have been rendered to the care of a government orphanage while the parents sit in a jail cell in Accra! The bio kids are only 4 & 7 and do not speak the languages of Ghana. The family had their court paperwork with them and the children were all still removed from their parents! PLEASE PRAY for this family!!! The parents’ names are Christine & Sol. The US Embassy in Ghana has stated that nothing will be done until Monday, even though there are American born minors affected! PLEASE PRAY for God to intercede and redeem this family! Thank you. 

The family’s blog is here.

And you can meet them here too.

Meet The Moghadams from AdoptTogether on Vimeo.

Please, please share this everywhere you possibly can!  Six children have been separated from their parents today and put into a horrific orphanage while their parents are in prison! Two of those little children are American minors who do not speak the language.  I ache for those little ones.  How terrifying this must be for them!
We’re standing together as the body of Christ and trusting that TRUTH will be revealed and that the captives will be set free! We’re believing that our family-in-Christ will be reunited with their children very soon and that the enemy WILL BE DEFEATED!  

No plan of the enemy will win, in the name of Jesus!  Our God is mighty to save the orphan! 

I will keep you updated as I get word. THANK YOU for BEING the body of Christ!