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we went out today

Today we went on a little outing as a family.

By this time of year, we’re longing for some warmer weather.  Can anyone relate?

But there is no warm weather in sight where we live.

So, we took a little road trip.

Not too far from home.

Anthony said, “Let’s take the kids swimming outside.”

I said, “You have got to be kidding me…it’s 24 degrees outside.”

He said, “Just you wait and see.”

So we drove a short while.

And then we found it…a little piece of heaven on a freezing cold winters day.

I felt like I was on a fake beach.  I lay there, listening to the running stream, and pretending I was in Hawaii.

There was heaps of snow on the ground.  The kids played on the rocks for hours.

In 24 degree weather.

Actually, come to think of it, I believe it was really 22 degrees.

But the bitterly cold weather didn’t stop them.

No way!

They all had the best time.

Just being out of the house.  On a COLD winters day. In the snow.  In Colorado.

Yep–in their bathing suits.

When the novelty of playing on the rocks wore off…

They swam…

And swam…

And swam.

For hours and hours and hours. It even snowed while we were swimming.

We had the best time today as a family.

At the hot springs.

Never in my life did I ever imagine I would wear a bathing suit, outdoors, in 20 something degree weather.

But it was fabulous. Such a fun experience.

It’s quite a funny thing. When you’re in that warm water it truly does feel like summer. Put one arm out of the water…and you know it’s winter.

I experienced God’s magnificent creation in such a new way today.  A wonderful adventure.

Hot springs.  I know the Father did that just for our pleasure.