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when one family says yes…again

Blogging has been such a huge blessing for me.  It has been such a joy to share our lives with you all.

But one of the greatest blessings for me has been the amazing people I have met along the way–people who have stretched me, challenged me, taught me how to be a better wife and mother, and grown me in my faith.  Some have become such dear friends to me.

One of those people is Carolyn Twietmeyer.  I “met” Carolyn a few years ago as she journeyed to Ethiopia to adopt a precious little girl who was hanging on for dear life due to untreated AIDS.  I cried so many tears as I read Carolyn’s daily blog posts while she was overseas.  My life was forever changed watching this woman love her daughter like there was no tomorrow!  Seeing beautiful Selah blossom over the next few months is a God-story that is forever etched in my memory.  I was so deeply touched to watch the Almighty Father take such a broken little being and literally breathe life into her very frail body.

It has been such a joy for me to follow the Twietmeyer’s journey over the last few years.  Carolyn went from being someone whom I just read about in blog posts, to a dear friend in real life.  Her ministry, Project Hopeful, has helped me raise funds for many families.  Carolyn is truly one of the most giving people I know–always willing to jump in and help in any way she can when there is a need.  She has done more for the plight of orphans than anyone else I know.  She works tirelessly and sows her time sacrificially for the sake of one precious child at a time.

Now it is our time to be a blessing to the Twietmeyers!

They have once again stepped out in faith and are in the process of adopting a little boy in Eastern Europe–a little boy who captured my heart a very long time ago.  Lincoln has waited for years and years to be adopted! He has been overlooked…and overlooked…and overlooked. Sadly, the fate that every adoption advocate works so hard to prevent has already happened to sweet Lincoln!  This darling little boy has been transferred to a mental asylum and is living in an awful, awful place. You know…one of those places!


But God…!  The Almighty Father has reached down from heaven and Lincoln finally has HOPE! Carolyn and Kiel have heard the voice of the Lord once again, and their answer, as always, is yes!

“YES, Lord!”  No matter what!

Soon Lincoln will join a big, crazy, Jesus-loving family!  God chose well.

The Twietmeyers have only $15,000.00 to raise to be fully funded.  Thanks to the generosity of many people, they have an awesome fundraiser happening right now–it is one of the best online auctions I have seen. There are so, so many awesome items for you to bid on.

Would you please consider going to their auction blog and blessing this very deserving family?

Or, if you would rather not bid on an item, Lincoln is Ten For Orphans currently sponsored orphan.  For a donation of just $10 (or more!), you too can play a part in Lincoln’s redemption.  I absolutely love Ten For Orphans and am so blessed to call the leaders of this ministry my friends.

You can follow Lincoln’s journey home on Carolyn’s blog right here.

Thank you, glorious body of Christ, for once again rallying for a family stepping out in faith.  Please would you share their story on your social networks?  That would be such a huge blessing to them.  $15,000 sounds like such a huge amount of money…but it is nothing in the Kingdom of God! 

Let’s help them cross the finish line!