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who can resist?

This thing that they call “Christmas” around here is going to work out pretty darn fine for me.

Yes, indeed.

You see, I’m three years old.

And I’m just so stinkin’ cute.  I know it’s true because they tell me all the time.

I’m curious.


Chunky (which makes me extra adorable).

And I’m delightful in every way imaginable.

But one thing you don’t know about me yet…

Is that I love, love, love sugar.

I’m a girl after my moms own heart. 

Candy cane.  Candy corn.  Ice cream.  Cake. 


And I have this most amazing ability to find the sugary stuff all over the place. 

Especially now.  It’s Christmas!  I quickly discovered that they hang these yummy things on that silly tree in the house.

Yep–I told you I’m smart.  I’m a fast learner…especially if it involves sugar.

And then I discovered that one of my dear brothers left one lying around.  Ha!  He should have known better.

Because I’ll find it!  I have a sugar radar.

I like to see it as making up for my sugar deprived years in the orphanage.

Thank goodness he is so forgiving.

Shhhhh…don’t tell him I know…but I pretty much have this dude wrapped around my chubby little finger. He thinks I’m awesome.  He just laughs when I steal his candy.

Dude rocks!

And I love him too.

Can’t you tell?

This Christmas thing is really working out very well for me so far.  I think I’ll keep it.

What’s a few extra calories, anyway?

Loving this place called “home” right now.

All my love,
Harper (but I’m known as Harpy)