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“why can’t we also?”

Remember this post?  The one where I told you about Hailee finally meeting her long lost brother?

Oh my gosh!  How much do these two look alike?  It’s crazy.  And no, they definitely are not related.  They just come from the same city, and the same orphanage.

This is Dusty with Hailee.  And here is his sweet sister, Sonya.

Isn’t she just a little doll?

Let me backtrack a little.

Some of you may remember that last September I advocated for a little girl named Julia.  She was in the same room as Hailee in the orphanage.  Julia suffers from a very rare genetic disorder known as Cockayne Syndrome.  Thanks to many of you who prayed and donated to her grant fund, Julia is now home and doing well.  I have been so blessed to be able to spend some time with her since her homecoming. 

So last October we were able to meet Julia’s family, the Schwenzers.  We traveled up to their city to attend a lunch at their church where they shared about themselves, their journey, and their love for a little girl they had fallen in love with.  It was such a wonderful day.  After the lunch the Schwenzers introduced us to friends of theirs.  A couple who were so moved by Julia’s story and the plight of orphans in general.  Amy stood in front of me with tears streaming down her face.  God was already speaking to their hearts. 

Little did we know that soon after that John asked his beautiful wife a question…

“Many people are opening their hearts to adoption and orphans…why can’t we also?”

That was all it took.  They could not find one good enough reason to say no.

Shortly after, they committed to adopting a gorgeous little boy who was actually Harper’s roommate.  Sadly though, Nikita passed away before they could get to him.  Heartbroken, yet still trusting the Lord that He would make all things work to the good of those who love Him, they continued on their adoption journey.

Just two months ago the Hinz family returned home with not one, but two beautiful children.

God really spoils me.  Dusty and Sonya live just an hour away from me.

A few days ago we got invited to their stunning property to celebrate the children’s baptism with their amazing family.  It was such a fabulous day.

We honesty felt like we were with family.  We felt like we had known these people our entire lives. 

Our kids had an absolute blast!

Sonya is just oh so sweet.  She and Harper are very similar.  They love to laugh.  They’re happy.  They’re lovable.  They love to be held. 

She is truly a little sweetheart.

Our kids played (and played, and played, and played) together for hours.

Connor had the best time taking Sonya down the water slide.

As did Kellan.

Sonya is just soooooo much fun.  She was having the best time ever.  Can’t you tell?

She absolutely could not get enough of being taken down the slide.  The sound of her laughter was the sweetest thing.

Totally cute!

“Come on, Kellan, let’s do that again!”

“And again!”

Getting a hug from her beautiful mama.

Sonya and Dusty’s siblings are so, so sweet.

They sure are going to teach their new brother and sister all about how to love and be loved.

They’ve got it perfected!

Safe in the arms of their mama who adores them.

I feel so spoiled that God has allowed me the blessing of being able to see these sweet kids who are now safely home.  What a joy it is to be able to love them, hold them, and be a part of their lives!  I am forever thankful to the Hinz family for welcoming us into their lives.  We are so honored.

Thank you, precious new friends, for letting your answer be “Yes and Amen” when you asked yourself the question that so many of us ask ourselves….

“Why can’t we also?”