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the world through new eyes



And amazing.

Because Haven finally got her glasses

At first I thought that she may just want to take them off all the time.

But she doesn’t.

Because finally someone was able to diagnose Haven’s eyesight accurately.  Finally a doctor noticed that Haven could not see!  Through the strong lenses she now wears…Haven is seeing the world through new eyes.


Will this change things for her?

I have absolutely no doubt that it will.  We are already beginning to see changes here are there.  A few days ago we went for a walk along a slightly rocky area.  In the past Haven would freak out walking on any rough or uneven surface–it was so hard to her.  She would navigate her way very, very slowly.  This time she did so much better.  I have no doubt that for the first time in her life she could actually see clearly what was in front of her…and what a difference it made.

We’re so happy for her.  I get tearful when I think about what this means to our beautiful daughter. 

I wish I could see the world through Haven’s eyes now.  I often wonder what she’s thinking.  We catch her randomly smiling at something and know that it must all be so new.  To see clearly is such a gift.  Though she is unable to verbalize what she sees–we see it in her smile.  The wonder of a whole new, clearer, brighter world.

Many have asked me if this will help Haven to find her voice, her words?

I have absolutely no idea.  It really doesn’t matter.  Haven is perfectly created in the image of her Father who adores her.  In His time, she’ll find her voice.  And even if that never happens this side of heaven, so be it.  She is fearfully and wonderfully made….just the way she is.

We just rejoicing that she can SEE!

We love this girl with all our hearts and are so thankful for the gift God gave us when He said, “Go!”

So thankful that God directed our steps to the right doctor who was able to help Haven see the world through new eyes.

We think she looks absolutely adorable in her new specs.