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would you pray, please?

Could I ask you, my bloggy friends, to stand with us in prayer, please?

Today we got word that there has been a mass outbreak of the H1N1 virus in the Ukraine.  Schools are closed.  Businesses are closed.  The country just does not have the resources to deal with such an epidemic.

Normally I would be fine with it. Trust God to protect those infected.  Pray for healing etc. But, this is different.  Too personal.  And it’s hard for me.  Our beloved daughter is there!

We just don’t see how she would survive if she got the disease. Any virus is nasty! Weighing only 15 pounds (at 4 and a half years old), her body is so frail and painfully weak.  She cannot even sit on her own. She has an unrepaired hole in her heart.  Her body is not functioning as it should. It is a miracle that she has even survived to this point in her little life.  How could she possibly handle such a vicious virus?  I don’t know.

While I am certainly not one to panic about things like this, we’re obviously deeply concerned. Even if Hailee were to get the regular flu, it could have horrible consequences. 

We’re trusting the Lord to put a hedge of protection around her crib–that NO VIRUS would come near her, in the name of Jesus. 

If the Father brings Hailee to mind in the next few days and weeks, would you please pray for her?  Would you trust with us that she would be completely protected?

My heart just cannot comprehend how many children are going to be affected by this awful virus in run-down orphanages.  Precious little children are not going to be able to get proper medical help.  Breaks my heart.

We appreciate your prayers so very much, dear friends.  This is one of those times that I long, with all my heart, to go and get her the heck out of there.

But I can’t.

And that just totally stinks.

Jesus, hold her near.