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7 & 9

Today we celebrated.

A double birthday.  A double blessing.

Cade turned seven.

And Hannah-Claire turned nine.

Today I thought about their special day and the fact that they share it on the same day.  I could not help but reflect on the goodness of my God who does all things well.  In many ways it seems like yesterday that I sat at my dining room table in Australia crying out to the Lord for another child.  Little did I know then how my heartfelt prayer to my Father in heaven would be answered.

Not just one.

But two incredible blessings that He would bring into our lives. 

One from my womb. 

The other from the far end of the earth.

Hannah-Claire and her best friend Alex.

Today I counted my blessings.  There just are no words to describe how much richer, fuller, and more amazing my life is because He ordained, before the foundation of the earth, that Cade and Hannah-Claire would be mine.

I am surely blessed.

Happy birthday, sweet lovies.  We love you more than words can say.

Keep shining for Jesus!