Our family lives on a hobby farm in Colorado where we spend our days with our ten children and many farm animals. 

I was born and reared in South Africa. When I was 24, I met my American husband, Anthony, in Port Elizabeth when he came to serve as a missionary. Together, the Lord opened doors for us to reach thousands of high school students, spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Anthony and I married nine months after we met, after which the Lord blessed us with two sons—Connor and Kellan. Then we moved to Perth, Australia, where we lived for three years as missionaries. Then in 2004 we moved to America, which has been our home ever since. Our third son, Cade, was born in the states (our only child born in America!). 

While living in Australia, the Father broke our hearts for orphan girls who were abandoned at birth in China. In 2006 we traveled there to adopt our first daughter, Hannah-Claire. Our lives were forever changed going through that adoption. Our hearts were utterly crushed over what crushes God’s heart—the fatherless. In 2008 we went back to China to adopt another daughter with special needs. Haven came home desperately needing a safe place after years of neglect, abandonment and abuse. We had five beautiful children who were our greatest blessings. 

But God was only just beginning with us. 

Two years later, we traveled to Ukraine to adopt two daughters who both have Down syndrome. Hailee and Harper became the joy of all of our lives. We quickly learned that parenting children who have special needs really wasn’t all that scary. In fact, we treasured every day and counted it an honor to parent our girls. 

Three years later in 2013, we adopted again, this time from Bulgaria. Hasya came home to us right before her fifteenth birthday, weighing just eighteen pounds. She is blind, has cerebral palsy, and has many other special needs. She is the sweetest blessing. While there, we adopted Kael out of a mental asylum for adults at the same time. He too was a very tiny, delayed little boy who has Down syndrome. 

And last but certainly not least, we adopted our precious Hunter domestically in 2017. Like three of her siblings, Hunter has Down syndrome too. She just makes life so much sweeter and lovelier. 

If you’re counting, that’s ten amazing children. It has been my greatest joy and honor to be their mom. Growing up, never did I imagine that I would be a mother to so many children, but I am so ridiculously thankful that God’s plans were far better than my own. When I’m not taking care of our children, including six who are completely dependent on us, I love decorating my home and running our hobby farm. I absolutely love spending time with our animals. We have miniature dwarf and fainting goats, alpacas, a horse, a miniature donkey, cats and dogs.  They bring me so much joy!

Health means so much to me, and I make every effort to stay healthy so I’m able to care for my children as I get older. I love, love, love doing CrossFit and riding my bike. 

I’m also a Certified Holistic Health Coach. I love to see my family and others be the healthiest they can be through proper nutrition and exercise. I can’t learn enough of this, reading about it nearly every day. In fact, I love reading just about anything, except science fiction or thrillers. Ugh.

But what I love most of all is taking care of my family still at home and spending time with our young adults who no longer live at home but who visit often.

Life is super busy, but even more, it’s a blessing. 

And in case you were wondering, yes, I have an unusual name that hardly anyone can pronounce. You sound it out like this–“uh-DAY-uh.” I get a lot of “Adele” or “Ad-eye.” But people are sweet for trying, and I don’t correct them anymore. Maybe I’m getting older. Or maybe I’m just too busy caring about other things that matter to me so much more. 

I am so grateful that you have chosen to follow our journey!