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a few that I love

Sharing for the benefit of our family who live far away.

A few more pictures from the recent photo shoot that we did.

My treasure on this earth!

She’s not my baby girl any more.  Growing beautifully.

My handsome second born son.

Tenderhearted and such a joy to have around.  Sweet Kellan.

Love my love.

He still makes my heart beat a little faster.

Biggest.  Littlest.

It’s just…


So thankful that God chose the best for me.

How very much do I love thee….

Hasya (or “Hassie” as Harper calls her)–what joy indescribable this tiny treasure brings to us. Where we go, she goes too.  She absolutely loves her outings.

A new creation in every way!

My beautiful Haven.

Where have the years gone? How my Hannah-Claire has blossomed into such a lovely young lady–inside and out.

Connor, our firstborn.  Loving every day that I still have with him at home before he spreads his wings to fly.  Guide his steps, Lord Jesus!

Never one to be left out of anything at all…

Nothing quite like the love of a Daddy!

Learning and growing every day.

THANK YOU again, Lori and Rich of JAXON PICS.  We are so, so grateful.