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adoption awareness: adopting hearing impaired or blind children

It has been such a blessing to highlight different aspects of adoption over the last few weeks.

So far we have highlighted:

Older child adoption
Down syndrome
Bringing home the institutionalized child
Adopting domestically
Cerebral Palsy
Adoption agencies
Adopting from China
Africa families
Hosted children needing families

Every post is full of links to blogs of families who have journeyed down these roads.  If you are considering any of the above, click on the link and reach out to one of the amazing families listed in that category.  I know they would be so blessed to support you, encourage you, and give you any advice you may need as you follow God with reckless abandon.

Today, let’s focus on two more special needs that are quite common in the adoption community–adopting hearing impaired or blind children.  There are so many of these precious children just waiting to be scooped up and loved forever.

If you are a family who has adopted either a blind child or a hearing impaired child, please go ahead and add your blog to the Linky below.  You will be given a space to add a caption–please state the special need of your sweet one and where you adopted them from. Thanks! Praying that those who are considering a child with sight or hearing issues will be able to use this as a resource and reach out to others for beautiful encouragement.

Blessing the name of the LORD today!  He is a faithful God!