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all in a hard days school work

The joys of homeschooling.  I love that we can just pack up and head out for a day as a family whenever we feel like it.

This week we did just that.  Apple picking sounded like a whole lot of fun.  Something we had never done before.

So fabulous.  A glorious, sunny day spent in beautiful farmlands. 

We’re absolutely making the most of these last warm days.  Already the nights are so much cooler, the days a little shorter.  Before we know it,  we’ll be bundled up indoors again.  Snow comes early to the mountains where we live.

While the sun shines–school just has to wait.  We’ll have plenty of time to catch up…very soon.

God’s amazing creation.

The oldest, and the youngest.

Picking the perfect berry–and eating a few along the way too.

Looking for the next spot to pick berries.

A sweet girl–who loves to climb trees with her brothers.

Up high–got to get the best apples for Mommy!

You can take my picture, mom, but try as you may, I am NOT going to look at you.

Just as pretty as a sunflower.

Yummy sunflower seeds.

Little brother has to try some too.

Yep, very good!

We think we’ll take these pumpkins!

A treasured oldest son.

Haven pretending to hide away from me.

Searching for the perfect pumpkin to call his own.

A tractor ride back with a buddy.

The beautiful bounty of our harvest.