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answering your questions

Are you traveling alone?  If yes, do you feel comfortable going on your own?

Yes, I am traveling alone.  And no, I don’t mind at all.  God has been so good to me–I have traveled a lot (seen about 40 countries) in my forty years. I feel very comfortable going to other countries alone.  The only part of it that is hard for me is not having my husband with me to lean on when things get emotional.  I spent six weeks alone in Ukraine when we adopted Hailee and Harper.  Being there was easy.  Not having Anthony with me was hard, when all I could do on some days was weep because of the things I saw and the precious children I grew to love (and would have to leave behind).  THAT was hard.

The Lord is my strength and my strong tower.  I know He has already gone before me on this journey and will meet me on the other side. So thankful that we never walk alone!

Are Hasya and Kael in the same city?

No, they are not.  Kael is in Sofia and Hasya is in Pleven, about three hours away by car.

How long will you get to spend with each child?

I will be with each child for five days.

When do you think you will be able to bring your new children home?

Gosh, I have no idea!  I’m guessing toward the end of the year.

My heart has broken as I have read about Amelia’s condition.  It made me think about Hasya.  Have you had any updates on how she is doing? How do you feel about possibly seeing Hasya in a similar condition?

Yes, Amelia’s condition certainly is heartbreaking!  It is almost impossible to fathom how a child can even survive as long as she has.  Same goes for Hasya–only by the grace of God has she survived for 14 years in her emaciated condition.

We did get an update on Hasya last week.  The report on her development (or extreme lack thereof) is positively heartbreaking.  According to them she is pretty much a corpse with breath!  The report did say that she has gained weight though.  If it’s true and the figures are accurate, then it’s a good thing.  We’re just not sure whether it’s entirely accurate.  I guess I’ll know the facts very soon.

As far as meeting Hasya and being prepared for whatever condition she may be in, I have prayed since the beginning of this journey that God would prepare my heart for absolutely anything. The truth is that I don’t know if I’ll ever be fully prepared for what awaits me in that orphanage.  But I am so confident in this one thing…my God is more than able to meet me in that place and fill me to overflowing with His glorious peace which passes all understanding. And that is good enough for me.

Does that mean it will be easy?  Heck, no! I don’t expect it to be easy at all.  I know that adopting this little treasure is by far the greatest challenge God has ever given us.

Anthony and I are both very prepared for what we have committed to–A CHILD WITH INFINITE WORTH!

Not something that is going to be hard work.

Not something that is going to stretch us beyond what we have ever been stretched before.

Not something about which we will get to the other side and say, “This is NOT what we signed up for!”

No!  Hasya is a CHILD.

No matter what condition she is in. 

No matter how hard the journey becomes.

She is our precious oldest child!  And we will go to the ends of the earth to see her healed, whole, and doing the best that she possibly can.  Because that’s just what a parent does for their child.

Our yes is yes…no matter what!

How do your other children feel about adopting Hasya and Kael?

They are truly amazing!  All of them.  They get it.

You mentioned that you are traveling at a time when life is very busy for your family.  Can you share what’s happening?

Of course!  MY plan (when does that ever work out?) was to travel in the last week of July and be home already.  Yeah, right!

God obviously knows something I don’t know and in His infinite wisdom He has chosen that I be gone for the first two weeks of school.  Usually it would be no big deal and we would delay our school start date a wee bit.  But this year we are doing something a little different for school.  Four of our children will be attending a University Model School.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with this model, it is a combination of homeschool and Christian school.  Our children will attend classes two days a week, and the remaining three days they will be doing their school work at home.  We chose this option for this year because Hasya is obviously going to have many, many medical and therapy needs.  Kael may too. We don’t have much support in the form of extra hands to help us here at home. This way I will be able to schedule therapies and appointments on those same two days each week without disrupting our school schedule.

After much prayer this summer, we feel like this will be a good fit for our family as we grow again and continue to meet the needs of each and every precious child. 

I so hoped that I would be here to help our children adjust to their new normal. For the younger children, this is going to be different to what they are used to. Cade is very attached to his mommy and is rarely away from me. I get so sad at the thought of not being here as they start this new season of their lives.  Breaks my heart!

Thankfully, Anthony has time off work and will be able to do everything I would usually have done.  The school they are attending is very small and is absolutely amazing in every way. We are so impressed with their hearts to train the children to love God above all else and to seek Him in everything.

I am once again reminded that my life is not my own–that God knows best, even when I think I do.  I have really had a hard time with the idea of leaving my family at this time.  It took just a few words from Anthony to put my mind at ease and bring some much-needed perspective.  “Honey, this is the time that God has chosen for you to go.  You MUST go now!”

He was right, of course! Who am I to question the Almighty Father?

Every mission God ever calls us to requires sacrifice.  As I struggle to leave the ones I love, He is so good to continually remind me of the sweet treasures who wait for me on the other side of the world–the ones who have never known the love of a mom or the warm embrace of someone who loves them so passionately. Yes, the sacrifice is so very, very worth it.

Forward I go….leaving my sweet ones in His capable hands.

Will you be able to keep your blog updated while overseas?

Absolutely!  As much as I can.

Thank you for journeying with my family as we once again expand our family.