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blessings, trusting, and settling

Don’t you just love it when God surprises His children with gifts you never saw coming?  My heart has been so challenged in so many ways lately.

Yesterday in church as I poured out my heart to the Lord–so needing encouragement from the only ONE whose opinion really matters to me–a man approached me.  We go to a small church and I cannot remember ever seeing this man.  He gave me an envelope and then just walked out of the building.

Anthony and I opened the envelope to find a donation for our adoption.  Such a beautiful gift from heaven and encouragement to our hearts.  God’s way of saying, “I’m still here–in all the details, in every decision.”  Sometimes it’s so reassuring to know that He is near.

Always there.  Always faithful.  Always moving the mountains that stand before us.

We are so thankful that God has gone before us.  As with every child who has been added to us through the blessing of adoption, we’re trusting Him every step of the way.

I thought I would address something here because of all the opinions and questions I’m getting. Many have written to ask me how many embryos we are transferring. We haven’t made a final decision yet.  We have reached out for wise counsel and are in communication with our clinic and together we’ll do what’s best for our family…no matter what that looks like. As many of you know, there are many factors to consider as we seek God on this.  We know He’ll lead and guide us with every step we take toward December 11.  I absolutely trust my Father’s sovereignty and the fact that He already knows the outcome of this adoption.

He who holds my family in the palm of His hand knows what’s best for us.

That is where my peace lies.

In other news, God has been so faithful to us in this season.  After months of looking, last week we submitted an offer on a house and it was accepted.  Glory hallelujah!  The cost of property is so much more here than it was in our old town.  Finding a home that was big enough for our growing family and had some land seemed impossible at one point.  We finally found a fixer upper that needs a whole lot of work (think old blue carpets everywhere), a kitchen that my grandmother would have been proud of in the 70’s, and lots more updating.  But it has the acreage that we so wanted for our family. Having some land became so much more important than finding the perfect house.  We looked at so many houses in newer neighborhoods, but we longed for the same amount of land that we had at our previous home.  We loved living in the country.  And so we settled on a modular house a little farther out than we originally wanted to go, but it has the space we want (ranch style with a basement which is awesome for Hasya’s wheelchair) and the land we love–it just needs some TLC to make it a home that we love.

We’re so thankful that God has given us a place to settle our family again.  Goodness, I am so excited to finally be able to get our furniture and belongings out of storage too.  Yeah, it’s just stuff, and I have learned to live without it for thirteen months now…but it will be so wonderful to make a home again.

His goodness amazes me.

Thank you to all of you who have blessed Jacob.  He has been so crazy blessed by your love and generosity.  My man and my young men were able to go and spend some time with Jacob today.  We’re standing and trusting for his complete healing, in the name of Jesus.  You can read an update on his situation on his mom’s blog HERE.

Have a very blessed week, everyone.  Know that He who carries the weight of the world on His shoulders is more than able to carry yours too.