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can we lift the burden, please?

My heart is absolutely breaking for a fellow adoptive family tonight.  Eric and Natalie Quesenberry travelled to Bulgaria to pick up their two sons who both have special needs this week.  This morning Eric suffered a heart attack and died instantly while in their apartment in Bulgaria.  This is an unimaginable time of heartache and sorrow for mom, Natalie, and her children.  Not only is she left in a foreign country trying to figure out all the details, but she also has two newly adopted sons (and one biological child) with her.  The confusion, the heartache and the pain is just beyond understanding.

Eric and his adopted son.


Natalie is being cared for by missionaries and others in country, but the needs are, as expected, profound.  So many decisions need to be made.  Flights home tomorrow have been cancelled as they make arrangements to bring Eric back to the States–and all the excruciating details that go with making such difficult decisions. So much financial burden as they navigate all of this.

I simply cannot even imagine.


As the body of Christ who are called to be His hands and feet, can we please rally for our sister in Christ, please?  She desperately needs our prayers and to have the financial weight of all of this lifted.  Can we help her, friends?  Finances should be the last thing on her mind right now. Can we remove just a small amount of Natalie’s burden by taking the enormous financial strain off her shoulders?  What a blessing that would be!

A fundraiser has been set up RIGHT HERE.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!  So very thankful that as a people who care deeply, we can come together do something to help from afar.  Even when we’ve never met in person. We’re family.

This is the Kingdom–heaven coming to earth.