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This beauty is heading into high school.  How can that even be?!

And my amazing man is heading into a totally awesome new job this summer.

Changes and enormous blessings.  We are so grateful for them all.

IMG_0346 (1)

It’s been exactly one year since we left the dream on our hearts to return to the mission field at the feet of Jesus.

It’s been a year of so much growth and stretching.

A year of resettling and rebuilding.

A year of digging deeper in our faith and pressing in to hear His still, small voice leading us onward.

A year of valleys and mountaintops.

A year of struggling to see His hand…yet knowing that He is near.

A year of letting go…and embracing.

A year of learning what it means to surrender…even when we don’t have answers.

A year of learning to accept so deep down in our hearts that sometimes the answer from heaven is “No”…and that’s okay. He is still a good Father.

It’s been a year of extravagant provision, grace and mercy that my heart can hardly fathom, and the favor of God.

And through it all…

…The Father has been so, so good to us.