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crazy times

Thank you, sweet friends, for your love and support when I shared my heart in my last post.  Thank you for all the amazing comments and e-mails offering advice on different possibilities that Hailee could be struggling with.  I am still trying to make my way through all the e-mails.  Please know that we are so thankful that so many of you took the time to send us words of encouragement and even wisdom shared from your own journeys raising children with special needs.  We appreciate it so very much. Every e-mail and comment gives us such hope for our sweet daughter. It is so amazing to know that we never walk alone when life gets challenging. How I love the glorious Body of Christ.

Well, never in my thirty eight years on this earth have I been as busy as I have in the last ten days.  Oh my word.  Things have been ridiculous here.  Not only are we packing up to move and helping our two new treasures to adjust, but we have also had the mission of getting our home ready to rent out. Why is that everything seems to go wrong with your house just when you’re moving out? We have amazing tenants moving in. The Lord has blessed us.  It sure has been a crazy thing trying to get the house decent for them.  Unfortunately with all the delays we had in the Ukraine we were left with very little time to pack up and move. 

Life outside of these four walls has been put on hold.  I forgot one of my best friends birthdays (sorry, my dearest Jo), my inbox is filled to overflowing with unanswered e-mails (which I hate), my kids need haircuts so badly but I just cannot get to the hairdresser, my blog is missing my frequent presence, my friends are wondering if I have fallen off the face of the earth, my toes are desperate for new nail polish (you know, the really important things in life), my hair has been tied up for who knows how long because I just could not be bothered to use a hairdryer, meals are as quick and easy as possible (I really don’t like feeding my family bad food), I have been trying to mail one letter for the last week and just never seem to get it done, I feel like the only time I see my husband is when we pass each other in the kitchen with a to-do list in hand…..aahh yes, life is busy! Thankfully, this too shall pass.

Soon we will begin our big trek across the states and make our way back to the east coast.  It’s going to be quite an operation–one moving truck, two other vehicles, four adults, seven children and two dogs traveling for six days.  Oh, and not to mention that one of those sweet children hates a car seat!  She screams from the time she gets in it until the time she is freed from it. Sounds like a whole lot of fun, huh? I know, I know, you’re all wishing you were me, right?  Not.

I cannot wait to get settled and have some kind of [new] normal routine again.  The last two months have been so upside down for my family.  We’re all longing for this crazy season in our lives to be over. In the midst of it all, the Father has been so good to us–He is our strength and our strong tower, He enables us to do the things that seem impossible.  Where would we be without HIM in our lives?

I simply have no idea.