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The day has finally arrived :)

Oh my goodness, it is 4:30 in the morning…the day has finally arrived. We cannot sleep. I am so excited to get my daughter, it felt like this day would never arrive. Our hearts are at peace this morning, we know that no matter what today may bring, that Our God is already there. We know that He will equip us to deal with anything. I am holding onto His promise that He is holding Haven’s heart in His hands.

Our guide met us at the airport yesterday. We have never been so relieved to see someone who speaks good English 🙂 She was actually the guide for the previous family who adopted Haven. She has shared some wonderful insight with us and her experiences with her two years ago. One thing she did tell us was that Haven is extremely close to her caretaker, she apparently even goes home with the lady and spends time with her family. My heart aches for this lady this morning, she will, once again, have to say goodbye to a little girl she obviously loves very much. Please remember her in your prayers, this is going to be such a tough day for her too.

Thank you so much for your prayers, we feel them and so grateful. Please pray for Anthony. He has had had severe backache for days now. When we arrived in Nanjing yesterday he went to see a doctor, it seems that he has shingles. He is feeling awful. He will get to a doctor as soon as we are home, right now he just needs to control the pain. I feel so bad for him. Thank you for praying for him.

We have been having a bit of trouble with internet connection in our hotel. I wrote a long post with heaps of pictures last night, but they just did not post. Hopefully today we can get it right.

I promise to post an update just as soon as I can. We will apparently get Haven at about noon today. My heart can hardly wait. Thank you Lord Jesus that You have gone before us, thank you that, before the foundations of the earth, You knew that that we would be here this day to adopt Haven. How amazing are Your ways!!!!! Thank you for sending us!!!