deck the living room

We’ve had a blessed Thanksgiving weekend so far.  Wonderful food, amazing company, and treasured family.  Oh, and a whole lot of food–and our fair share of everything under heaven and earth that can possibly be made with a pumpkin.  One thing I just cannot get used to in this country is pumpkin pie.  Where I come from we eat pumpkin as a vegetable–not a dessert.  Cold, sweet, squishy pumpkin is just too weird.  I’ll stick with it as a hot side dish, thank you very much.

I cannot believe how time is flying and Christmas is just around the corner again.  Didn’t we just have Christmas?  It sure does feel like it.  Crazy. We are so excited to have our precious new additions with us this Christmas.  So much fun.  Having little ones in the house is just the best ever.

So we promised the kids a real Christmas tree this year.  A “small” real tree–considering the size of our living room.  Kind of like one of those “it’s the thought that counts”  kinda trees would do just fine in our little space. Yesterday Anthony set off with the lovies to buy one.

Oh. My. Word.  I should have gone with them. I should have gone with them.  I should have gone with them. I knew it!  Never let husband go shopping alone.  Ever.

They sure did come home with a TREE! Our little living room has been taken over by a Christmas tree.  I kid you not.  There aint anything “small” about our real tree.  We don’t even have enough decorations to make it look all snazzy.  Less is definitely more for our dear tree this year.

Sometimes I forget that I married a Texan.  Bigger definitely is better.  Including the Christmas tree.

The kids love our ginormous tree. “It’s beast, mom,” they tell me. 


Where in the world do kids come up with this stuff?  Last week everything was “epic”.  This week things are “beast.” I guess that means life is good. Or something like that.

They love their Christmas tree…and I get to spend the next month under the tree picking up pine needles (which are already beginning to fall). 

Yes, indeed…life is good.

Sweet memories.  I love making them with the ones the Father has blessed me with.

Counting my beautiful blessings today…and naming them one by one.

Fabulous giveaway coming up next week.  Just in time for Christmas.  A lovely blessing for one of you.