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did I tell you yet?

That my God is alive and well, and MORE than able to move heaven and earth on our behalf?

Did I?

Well…look what we got in the mail today!  Just twelve days after we went to Denver to get our fingerprints done early.

Twelve days! Not weeks and weeks.  Not months.  Just one and a half weeks.

Only God.

Our approval to adopt Hailee!  This is the piece of paperwork we need to get her into the USA.

Oh my goodness, my friends…how can we ever doubt the faithfulness of the Lord Jesus.  How?  I am in awe of His goodness.

The journey to Hailee certainly has been the most incredible adventure, from day one.  From the day that we discovered that if she were to be saved from life in a mental asylum, that I would have to be the one to do it (due to my hubby being over the age requirement for her country)…to rushing through my American citizenship application with the help of a Congressman.

It has been a journey full of the glorious favor of God.

All because He loves one little girl with a passion that my human heart cannot comprehend.