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do you have a story to share?

Next month Anthony will begin a series on his blog on a subject which is silently devastating more families and people than we could ever imagine.  Internet sex.  God has put it on my hubby’s heart to address this issue and shine LIGHT into the ever-increasing darkness. 

Perhaps one of you (or someone you know) has a story to share with Anthony?

From Anthony:

In preparing for the series next month on internet sex, I am looking for stories from married people who have been devastated by this, either from falling into the sin themselves or from having a spouse who did.

If you would like to share how internet sex has destroyed (or nearly destroyed) your family, please send them to my email address at [email protected]. And know that all stories I publish would be posted as from “Anonymous.”

Thank you for your help.”
If you are a prayer warrior, please trust with us that God will give Anthony the right words to share and that many, many would be set free from this addiction that no one is willing to talk about.  Thanks!