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funky fish designs giveaway

I am so excited to start sharing some amazing small businesses with you.  My heart longs to support God’s people who have stepped out in faith and are using the gifts that He has given them to support their families.  As God’s people, we’re called to help and support one another in any way we can.  This is Kingdom!

Each week I will try and highlight a different business.  Would you consider being a blessing to them by sharing their businesses with your circle of friends, please?  I know they would appreciate it so much.

Today it is my joy to introduce you all to FUNKY FISH DESIGNS.  You will love the work of Dawn’s hands.  She is so crazy talented!

Read all the way to the bottom…there’s a lovely treat up for grabs for one of you.


Dawn is a wife to her husband of 18 years who is a Family Life pastor, mama to 4 beautiful children (3 through birth and 1 through the gift of adoption, Director of Project HOPEFUL’s HOPE+ sisterhood Uganda and business owner of Funky Fish designs.

Funky Fish was born out of a lifetime love of jewelry.  Although I had always loved making jewelry, it wasn’t until I became a believer in 2003 that I considered doing it as a business.  I used to think it was MY desire for Funky Fish to be more of a ministry than a business but looking back, I believe that it was God that planted that seed.

The first time I became aware of the reality of the orphan crisis in November 2009, I simply asked God to show me what I could make with my hands to help these children.  I felt God pressing on my heart that my business wasn’t about making money…it was about raising awareness for the least of these.  So that’s what I started doing….using the gifts God gave me to raise awareness AND funds to help support ministries that cared for the least of these.

In 2010, at an adoption conference in Austin, I met Carolyn Twietmeyer.  That launched a passion in me for HIV awareness and I have been supporting Project HOPEFUL ever since.

There is a wonderful song in Veggie Tales “Lord of the Bean” where Toto Baggypants sings about know what the gift he had been given was for.  To have a gift is a wonderful thing.  Your spirits will lift and your heart will sing.  Though some might use it to live like a king, I finally know what it’s for.”  When I heard that song, I felt my like my heart screamed.  I knew what my gift was and I knew it was meant to be given away.  My husband gets a great chuckle out of that moment and he said recently “take a woman of simple, yet obedient faith and give her the theology of Veggie Tales and look out world.”  I don’t know about the look out world part by I do believe that obedience IS the blessing and I thank God daily that He allows me to do the one thing I know He created me to do…..create.


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