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getting closer and closer

Oh my goodness, when I see how God is providing in miraculous ways for Hailee to come home, it really leaves me speechless.  He truly has multiplied the seed that has been sown, my friends.

We only have about $5900 left to raise.  That’s it!  When we started this adoption journey we needed $25, 000 00.  It sounded like such a huge amount of money.  Now we’re almost there. We are sooooo close! I feel like my treasured one is almost in my arms.

Hang tight, sweet girl–we are so close.

(for some reason I cannot make that little picture of Hailee bigger)

I am humbled and amazed.  I know I shouldn’t be…He’s God! And He loves the fatherless more than my heart will ever fully comprehend.

I have received so many e-mails asking me about the silent auction we had planned. YES, we’re still doing it.  We’re planning on the first part of February.  We’ll do it on E-Bay.  I have been so deeply touched by the fabulous things many of you have sent me.  Stunning things.  Thank you, dear friends.  Thank you for playing a part in Hailee’s rescue.  We are so absolutely thankful.

If anyone would still like to contribute something, please contact me at [email protected]  There is still time…and we would appreciate any other contributions so very much. Oh how we’re trusting God that we’ll have a very successful auction.

I am finally starting to feel like we are getting closer to bringing Hailee home. What a journey this has been. I confess, when we started this adoption, I did have times when I wondered how in the world we would ever come up with such an insane amount of money.  Such little faith, I know.  But when I look at our bank account now, I am overcome with emotion.

FAITHFUL AND TRUE…that is His name!

Ever doubted that God can, and will, provide for an adoption? Please, I beg you…don’t ever NOT rescue a child due to the ransom that needs to be paid, my friends.  It is NOTHING for the Almighty God.  NOTHING!

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement as we journey to bring Hailee home. Thank you for your prayers, friends.