home sweet little home

It sure does feel good to be getting [a little] settled again.  Oh my word!  Anthony and I have moved in our lives.  We have lived in many places and in a ridiculous number of houses since we got married.  Moving house for me has been as easy as tying my shoes…until now.  A move across the states with seven children has NOT been an easy thing. I don’t remember a time in my life when I have felt so weary.

I thought things would slow down a bit once we got here, but nope, unpacking has taken me so much longer than it usually does.  I know part of the reason is because this little house of ours is on four levels–it goes up and down. There are six flights of stairs. My legs have got more of a workout in the last five days than they have in the last few years.  Ouch!  No need for a gym membership around here.

Many of you have asked me to show you where we’re living.  I’d love to.

We bought this house five years ago–we just felt very strongly from the Lord that we needed to purchase it at that time.  Since buying it we have rented it out.  The house is a historic row house. It’s a little house–but oh so much bigger than the majority of the world’s population lives in. We are truly blessed. The Lord knew that we would need this house for such a time as this.

The neighborhood is very old.  Some of the houses have been renovated, others not.

The homes have so much character.  I absolutely adore historic houses.

Front porches all lined up together.

We’re blessed to be on a park.  Though we have no back yard, we do have a huge front yard.  The view from our bedroom is beautiful.

The park is a histroric landmark. 

The perfect place for many little children to hang out.

And just be together.

Aah, yes, we have a few stairs.  They go down into the basement kitchen….

And up another few flights to the third story bedrooms.

Heaps and heaps of stairs…

I figure that in six months time I’ll be in the best shape of my life as I keep track everyone that lives here. Up and down and up and down fifty thousand times a day is gonna be a whole lot of fun.

We feel so blessed.  We really do.  As Anthony shared in his ministry newsletter that I posted yesterday, this is such a move of faith for our family. We know that as we have been obedient to follow the voice of the Father as He has brought us back here, He WILL take care of our every need.  He is so amazing like that. We have hearts of expectation as we wait on Him. 

Please forgive me for being so far behind on responding to e-mails. I have many, many waiting on a response from me.  I am trying to catch up.

Counting my many blessings tonight.