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I am

~~~  Standing, trusting, and waiting on the Lord.  Waiting impatiently most of the time.  I have so much to learn about that waiting patiently thing.  I fail the test horribly.

~~~  Cold! Wake me up when it’s spring.

~~~  Loving that so many of you are seeking God on where to make a difference in this life.  I was so touched reading your comments on my last post about what God is doing in your own hearts.  He sure is moving and shaking the church.  I don’t want to miss out. I want to be right there in the middle of where He is moving.  I know many of you do too.  As my hubby wrote on the little chalkboard we have in our dining room today, “Aslan is on the move.”  Yes, he sure is.

~~~  Feeling so blessed.  I have so much more than most of the world’s population.  What right do I have to complain about one single thing?  None.

~~~  Looking forward to getting my camera back tomorrow so that I can once again post pics of my lovies.

~~~  Heartbroken about all the tragedy everywhere.  Yet, in the midst of it all…my God is a GOOD God!

~~~  I wanted to clarify something based on some of the comments I got.  Our issues with mean people that I mentioned here has nothing to do with my blog.  Yeah, I do get a handful of meanies who come by, but I just ignore them.  I delete their comments faster than I can take their words to heart. For the most part the people who share with me here are amazing–and for that I am so very thankful.

~~~  So thankful for the many, many children who have found families recently.  We rejoice.

~~~  Wondering if my kids are learning anything at all in homeschool–or am I turning them into complete idiots?  Does every homeschooling mother wonder if she is doing enough?  Too much?  Too little? I have no idea.

~~~  I cannot get enough of PB&J these days.  Seriously, it is the weirdest thing ever.  For almost 39 years the stuff almost made me throw up.  Now, I’m addicted.  And no, I’m not pregnant…knew you were wondering.

~~~  We have noticed in the last few days that Hailee is becoming a lot more playful with us.  So amazing.  What a new creation in Christ she is.  I will do a post on her development and milestones soon–I just need my camera ’cause a post about Hailee without pics would just not be the same.  Goodness gracious but she is such a beauty.  I cannot get enough of our littlest love.

~~~  Thinking that Down syndrome is perfect in every way imaginable.  Absolutely fabulous.  I never knew that before we got blessed with our own angels.  I really never knew–but I’m so glad God knew that we needed them–a little piece of heaven on earth.  I cannot even begin to tell you the joy they have brought into our family.

~~~  Praying for the many families who have children waiting in Kyrgyzstan.  Like our friends.  Years have passed and still they have not been allowed to get their kids out.  Adoptions have come to a grinding halt in that country. I cannot even imagine the long and agonizing wait they have all had. They need a miracle. We know God is able.

~~~  Started planning, thinking about, designing, creating, and shopping for my birthday present. Fun! It going to be excellent.  I can’t wait.  I did say, “Only one.” But then I changed my mind.  Ha.  I’ll keep you guessing.

That’s the end of my totally random thoughts for one night.

Night-night.  Or, as Harper says when she’s tired, “doo-doo’s” (as she looks longingly up at her bedroom).