in awe

The blessings of the Lord. I am overwhelmed. Totally amazed. At a loss for words.

I know I shouldn’t be–He’s my Daddy–the ONE who has never, not once, ever let me down. He’s the Almighty God, the creator of the heavens and the earth. Why should I be surprised by His great love and faithfulness?

Maybe it’s just something my heart and my human mind will never fully comprehend…this side of heaven.

Our yard sale was simply ginormous! The two weeks leading up to the sale were just crazy–my phone rang day and night with people offering to donate their unwanted goods. And boy did they. The foyer of our church was filled to capacity with stuff. It was really a sight to behold.

Most of the people who donated things we had never met. They had heard–heard the story of a little girl desperately needing to come home–and they wanted help. They wanted to play a part in Hailee’s story. Strangers have now become friends. They are precious people praying and waiting to hear how they can help out next. Perhaps they don’t even realize that they are warriors in the battle–fighting right alongside us to bring another orphan home.

Saturday was busy. So very busy. We had a constant flow of people through the parking lot. Many of these new friends arrived just to help out in whatever way they could. They put on a Hailee’s helper sticker we had made…and they served.

Our church family was beyond incredible. They were ambassadors for Christ–never once letting a smile disappear from their faces. How blessed we are to serve God with all our hearts with such a amazing group of people.

The thing that stands out the most for me once again? How much our God LOVES orphans! How passionate He is to see each and every one of them come home. It’s nothing new to me–every time we adopt a child we see His amazing faithfulness. But, as many of you know, when you step out and begin the paperwork to bring a child home, in the back of your mind is always the “how in the world are we going to afford to do this again.”

Our family loves to read stories of missionaries together. It strengthens our faith and it teaches our children that nothing is impossible for the Lord. One of our all-time favorites is the story of George Mueller. A man of such incredible faith–and a man with a huge heart for the orphans in England.

George Mueller has taught us many things. His faith in the God of the universe is truly inspiring. His biography speaks of times when He had nothing. No food in the pantry and no money in the bank. Yet, he never asked anyone for anything. Ever. He only trusted His God, whom he knew to be faithful, to provide. He prayed…and then he waited for God to answer His prayer.

Of course God never let him down. He always provided for every need (and then some) in a timely manner for George Mueller.

As we journey to bring Hailee home, the Lord has challenged us to trust Him more than we ever have before. He’s taking our faith to a whole new level of trust. In a bad economy where most are struggling, He’s calling us to live a life of reckless abandon. He’s instilling in us a quiet confidence, being absolutely certain that even if the world economy fell apart completely…we know that our God never changes. He stays the same yesterday, today and forever.

As He provided for George Mueller and the journey He took the man on–He is faithful to provide for every need we have to bring Hailee home.

And He sure is doing it!