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into the unknown

Oh my word, sweet friends, three more sleeps.  The days are just flying by as I try to get everything done before I fly out on Sunday.

While my world is so crazy busy, truthfully my heart is aching.  The next three days are going to be so tough. I just cannot imagine saying goodbye to my precious family for such a long time. Goodness, I don’t know how I’m going to do it.  Anthony keeps reminding me to see this as a mission from the Lord, something He is sending me on.  When the Father sends us, He equips us with everything we need to accomplish the task.  I know it’s the truth.  I know I’ll probably feel better once I am on that flight and heading out of here, but the actual saying goodbye is going to be one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.

So many of you have written to me and asked about specific things that I need prayer for. You’re all so amazing.

Here goes:

~~~For my heart!

That God would give me the grace to do this journey alone. That the longing to be with my family would not be too intense, and that He will enable me to go through this season alone. I will be missing Easter, my son’s birthday and my hubby’s birthday. I seriously need heaps and heaps of grace. I am not a very strong person when it comes to things like this.

~~~ Timing

Potentially there could be MANY delays in country.  Many families get there and are faced with obstacles that prevent their adoption from being completed quickly. Some wait it out, while others return home and then go back at a later stage to complete the adoption. I obviously don’t want that! I just want to bring my babies home. I don’t want to stay there longer than a month. 

~~~ My family here at home

Please pray that my children will be okay without mommy around for the next month. That their little hearts would be at peace.  This is going to be so hard for them, especially my five year old.  He is very attached to his mommy.

~~~ That Anthony will arrive in the Ukraine in God’s perfect timing

We got told last week that there is a possibility that the judge in the region may (or may not) want to see Anthony in court.  We are praying he does NOT! We don’t want Anthony to have to be gone from home for too long. And the judge needing to see him will mean that he will have to be there way longer than we need him to be. He just cannot miss much work.

~~~ No ten day waiting period

Most regions in the Ukraine implement a ten day waiting period after court.  Some regions waiver this waiting period, some don’t.  I am told that I will be given an opportunity to stand before the judge and tell him why I would like him to waiver it.  Please trust with me that I would have the right words to say, and that the Spirit of God would move on his heart (even now!).  If he does not waiver it, it means I will only come home in May.  Not good at all.

There are so many unknowns.  I’m just going to have to get there, and see how things unfold one day at a time.

A dear friend reminded me today that God has been so exceedingly amazing since the day we committed to adopting Hailee.  She’s absolutely right.  He has.  He has moved every single mountain that has stood before us and has left us speechless time and time again.

Today I have had to remind myself that the same God who has got us this far, will carry me through the next few weeks too. 

Whew, friends.  So many emotions.  I’m up, down, and all over the place emotionally.  I know that when I board that airplane on Sunday, and goodbyes have been said, I can begin to focus on the mission the Lord is sending me on.  Right now, my heart is truly aching to say goodbye to my family. It’s so hard for me.

Thank you for your love and your support.  You are all such a blessing to me. I appreciate your prayers more than words can say.

Keeping my eyes on the prize that awaits me on the other side. It is all going to be so worth it!

** If you are new to my blog and are wondering why in the world I’m traveling alone, you can read it here. Due to how long the trip is, we are trusting that Anthony can come to the Ukraine right at the end of the process so that he can fly home with me and the girls.  He cannot take a whole month off work.