it’s just…see you later

Today heaven gained an angel.  A friend to many.  An absolute treasure in the adoption community.  Our hearts are so tender.

So many of you have prayed for my friend, Dr. Elizabeth, as I have shared her battle with cancer with you all.  I am so blessed to have known this precious woman.  She journeyed with me right from the start of our adoption of Hasya…from that first text I sent her saying that I was positively terrified to adopt a child who was so sick and frail.  I felt like the last person on the planet whom God should have chosen. When I overanalyzed things (which is my thing), she spoke words of truth and hope to my heart. Many thought we were crazy.  But Elizabeth never wavered in her belief in me–in my ability to rise up and parent this child with God’s help.  She held my hand every step of the way–always reminding me that GOD CAN.  She gave me advise and helped me to prepare for our trip to bring Hasya home.  Nothing was ever too much trouble.

The day I left for Bulgaria in 2013, a package arrived on my doorstep–emergency supplies and medication for Hasya… “Just in case you need it.”  She was just that way.  Kind.  Giving. Caring. Thoughtful.  Considerate.  Always willing to go above and beyond for so many people.

I arrived home with my very sick, emaciated, malnourished daughter in January of that year.  Elizabeth was on the phone the night we landed–talking to me, guiding me, encouraging my fearful heart, listening to symptoms of things that Hasya was struggling with and gently, in her very calm way, advising us what to do.  When Hasya’s condition became of major concern, her answer was, “Go! And I’ll be on the phone!”

She was there!  Talking to me and calming my anxiety as I raced to get Hasya to the nearest children’s hospital two and a half hours away.  We texted for hours while my precious child was examined. I had no clue what to expect and in those hours of uncertainty, her voice was one of reason, stability and assurance that everything was going to be okay. She stayed up until some crazy hour in the morning talking me through medical jargon that went straight over my head. God sent me an angel when I needed one most.

And every step of the way over the past few years as I have parented these blessings from heaven, Elizabeth has been there in her “Elizabeth” way–with so much kindness, compassion, and unending grace.  She ached with me when we lost our embryo babies even as her own health was declining and she was dealing with so much pain.  Selfless.  Always selfless.

A mother. A wife to her amazing husband. A daughter and a sister. Elizabeth loved her family with a very BIG love.  And she loved this community of women with the same love.  I know that many hearts are aching today.  You can read our friend Susanna’s heartfelt testimony HERE.

Oh, E, how I will miss you.

Please, please pray for her family as they grieve.  So very painful.


It’s not goodbye…it’s just see you later.

Until heaven, precious friend.