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know of any fundraising families?

I get a LOT of requests for help with different adoption situations.  Recently I have received many requests to help families who are fundraising.  It really breaks my heart as I know how it feels to have to raise the ransom to bring children home.  We’ve been there. We trusted the Lord for the finances for all four of our adoptions.  The money never came the easy way!  It took months and months of hard work.  But God always rewarded the work of our hands–we always had the funds to bring our children home.

Next week I am planning on a post highlighting families who are are having fundraisers or who are about to travel and are still short on finances.  I’m only looking for those who are in a financial crunch and time is running out before they travel.

Do you know of anyone who could use a little boost with their fundraising efforts?  I’m more than happy to mention them and point readers their way.

Please e-mail me at [email protected].  I’ll need the family name, blog, giveaway details (if there is one), how much is still required, name and details of the child being adopted, and anything else you would like to add.  Please put “fundraising family” in the subject.

I would love to try and help out in some small way.

Also, my friend Annie has such a HUGE heart for the fatherless.  She has worked tirelessly to find homes for children who wait for families.  Recently Annie has started a new website called Wonderful Waiting Kids.  I cried looking at the many faces of beautiful children who wait…and wait…and wait.  You know what broke my heart the most?  Some of those sweet children have been on waiting child sites for years and years.  I remember following the journey of one little girl there who ended up in a disrupted adoption years ago, and still she’s waiting.  She’s no longer the toddler I remember, but a big girl now.  How can that even be?
Please spread the word about Wonderful Waiting Kids.  Surely there are families who will go for these precious children?
I thought I would also let you know that Kelly has a post on her blog today where families raising children who have special needs can connect with others in similar situations.  Go and add your details if you’re one of these families. Don’t make the same mistake I did though–make sure you enter the special need you’re dealing with, NOT the name of your blog.  I goofed.
I know many of you have followed beautiful Julia’s journey home.  What a joy it has been for me to see her in her family, AND be able to cuddle her in real life.  Such a blessing.  What you may not have known though is that Julia’s daddy, Steve, was once a “reluctant husband”.  He shared his thoughts, feelings, and his story about how God got a hold of his heart with Anthony.  Go here to read the interview.  It is wonderful–and will give all you mamas waiting for God to change your hubby’s heart regarding adoption such HOPE.  God is able, friends.
And last but never, ever least, how can I possibly not leave you with a little bit of pure sweetness on this Friday?
Our tiniest angel.  Learning, growing and blossoming in every way.  I’ll share her progress and everything you ever wanted to know about Hailee in my series about Down syndrome next week.

Hope you’re all having a blessed Friday.

Don’t forget to send me details about families who are fundraising.