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life as usual

Today was busy.  But oh so very blessed.  We are the proud owners of a new [old] van!  It’s an older van, but will suit us just perfectly.  It had been sitting on a car lot for nine months.  The nice country dealer was more than happy to let it go at a ridiculous price.  I think he figured that not many quiet country town folks are in need of super large vans.  Actually, he probably would have paid us to take it off his hands.

We drove away feeling so blessed.  The LORD had once again gone before us.

Awesome God!

What was even more wonderful than actually buying a car was the sweet conversation I was able to have with one of the ladies who works at the dealership.  Can you believe that she had never heard of anyone adopting a child with special needs?  Ever.  She never even knew that such a thing was possible–or that anyone would even consider doing it.  She was amazed.  Her heart was so moved as she loved on Hailee and Harper.  She got emotional as we shared while sitting on the grassy strip near the car lot.  Her only experience with people who have Down syndrome had been “awkward” and “uncomfortable” she told me. She never knew how to relate to them.  Until today.  The walls came tumbling down as I watched her love on my two hunnies.  God used them to touch her heart and to show her how precious “special needs” truly is.  Her eyes were opened and I have no doubt that in the future she will take more time to acknowledge a child in a grocery store or in the library who has needs.  I know she will.

God can move anywhere–even in a used car lot in the absolute back end of nowhere.

Hailee and Harper started their once-a-week physical therapy sessions today.  One hour of intense therapy.  They were absolutely beat by the end of it.  Poor Harper was in tears, she was just so tired.  She’ll get used to it, I know. 

I absolutely love, love, love going to the children’s hospital where the girls have their therapy.  The highlight for me is sitting in the waiting room and observing all the precious children who come and go.  So many of them have such profound struggles in life.  Many are in wheelchairs or have feeding tubes.  You know what I love?  They are ALL so happy.  It stands out every single time I am there.  They are the happiest, smiliest children around.  They never complain or grumble.  They never whine for no reason.  They are just so absolutely sweet in every way imaginable.  It truly does something in my heart every time.  I cannot help but sit there and smile.  They touch me so deeply.  I can’t even imagine how desperately the Father loves them.

So I totally laughed at some of your sweet stories about forgetting kids in different places.  Oh my!  All of a sudden I don’t feel so alone.  Maybe it happens more often than any of us care to admit–but only a few are crazy enough to admit that it actually happened to them.  Funny.

I have been trying to take my kids to the library for the last month.  Every day I tell myself that this will be the day I do it.  But life happens and I just never seem to get there.  Oh well.

I am so looking forward to hearing what the doctor has to say tomorrow at Hailee’s follow-up appointment after having Botox injected into her eyes.  We see a slight difference in the way her eyes align.  But only slight.  Her eyes still flicker and twitch.  I don’t know what’s up with that.  Tomorrow will hopefully tell.  Baby steps is the way we have learned to do things with our sweet children.  I have days when I wish I could just take every little problem away and make everything better for Hailee.  But then I remember that God’s pace is perfect–and my hundred-mile-a-second pace is not a good thing.

What’s the rush anyway?

My precious littlest boy totally melts my heart.  He has decided that his mommy is quite alright.  He walks around all day telling me, “Mommy, I really love you.  You’re so cute!”

Be still my heart. 

I did vote yesterday.  And it felt fabulous!  I am so glad I had to become a citizen in order to adopt Hailee and Harper.  I believe that every vote counts.

These days, I feel so incredibly blessed.  In some areas of our lives, things are definitely not going the way we would love them to.  The trials and challenges remain the same.  But we are in a season of learning to embrace them with everything that is within us. 


Simply because God is who He says He is.  And that is all I need to know.