little sunshine

Kael is officially twenty pounds heavier since he came home from Bulgaria three years ago. Twelve years old.  Forty-five pounds.  Forty-five inches tall. That’s a sweet victory!

And happy.  So, so happy.

IMG_1064 (1)

Considering where he came from and his hard, hard past, this little love is just the happiest, easiest going kid around. He loves to be held and in a lap is where you will find him whenever he gets a chance. He still struggles to chew and so we keep his diet super soft. And that’s okay. Like his sisters, he is also gluten free and has thrived on his special diet.


Sweet little guy has been walking for about eighteen months now. Slowly but surely he is gaining strength and endurance. He’s finally able to walk longer distances and enjoy the freedom that comes from getting around on his legs. He’s a man on the move and loves to explore.


What an absolute delight this happy little guy is to us!  He is a precious gift that we cherish and are so thankful that God chose us.

I am so thankful for God’s faithfulness in Kael’s life.  The Redeemer of all things has been so good to our son.