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my beautiful young lady

Ten years ago today our beautiful Hannah-Claire instantly crept into our hearts and lives.  I will never forget the absolute joy of our first meeting. She bounced into the room, saw us, recognized us from pictures we had sent, and then promptly turned around and waved goodbye to her caretakers. And the rest, as they say, is history.

I cannot believe how the years have flown by!

No longer a little girl, she has blossomed into a sweet, kind, caring young lady who loves Jesus with all of her heart and cares deeply about people.  She’s incredibly smart and works hard—pouring her whole heart into all that she does. Hannah-Claire is tenacious and always willing to be a blessing to anyone who needs a helping hand.

I am so blessed to call this precious teenager my daughter and am so proud of the young lady she is becoming.  No words can ever express my gratitude to God for planting the seed of adoption in our hearts so many years ago and then moving heaven and earth so that this child could come home.  I am forever grateful that He knew, before the foundation of the earth, that this love would be a Salem.  His sovereign hand amazes me.

I love you with all my heart, sweet girl.  What a gift you are to us!

Happy ten years home.