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the object of her affection

Just look at this sweet little face.

She’s growing in leaps and bounds.

She’s gaining weight AND getting taller.  Our six year old beauty has finally hit 23 pounds! Every pound she gains is a reason to celebrate in our home.

But something amazing is beginning to happen to Hailee.

Her adorable little personality is absolutely blossoming.  It is such an amazing thing to watch how Hailee is learning to really connect with other people–all in her own time, in her own special way.  Sometimes I forget that she had five years of NOT being able to develop her own personality.  How could she?  Being confined to a crib all day long with zero human interaction.  Miserable!

But oh how things are changing! 

A beautiful butterfly is emerging. 

Hailee is learning how to love, be love, and show love.  It is just the sweetest thing.

Her blue-eyed brother is usually the object of her affection.

As soon as the dude sits down on the floor–no matter where she is in the house, Hailee will see him there.

She makes a beeline for him–moving as fast as her little stick legs will carry her.

Yayeeee….”I found you!”

Such joy.

The little arms hug him like there is no tomorrow. 

The girl knows what she wants!

Big brother is always up for some Hailee love, of course.  He is such a beautiful big brother.

(Her hair will NOT grow at the back of her head.  She has a big bump back there from banging her head on the rails of the crib in the orphanage.  Hair won’t grow in that spot, no matter what we do.  I’m not sure if it will ever grow back normally.  Any ideas?)

She hangs on tight and climbs over his body, making her way to the front where she knows she will get some crazy loving.

Very, very intentional.

Until she finally she is right where she loves to be.  In the arms of one she loves. 

Until just a few months ago, Hailee never sought out love and affection.  She was quite content to spend her time on the floor with her toys.  If we held her, she would be happy with it for short periods of time and would then reach down to be put on the floor.  She just couldn’t handle being held for a long time–sensory overload.

Oh my goodness, things have changed!  She has become a total love bug.  This lovie cannot get enough of being held and smothered with affection.  She is such a little miracle girl.

And yes, she adores her brother.

I think the feeling is mutual.

Redemption!  She has come so very far since these days.  A different child.

So thankful to the Father for these whom I have been blessed with.

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