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too darn funny

Oh my goodness, you guys are way too funny.  We have had so much fun reading all your guesses on my sneaky little giveaway yesterday.


It seems I made it very tricky.  Huh?

I will tell you this….

Chopsticks are definitely NOT African–we actually prefer to eat with our hands, thank you very much.

What in the world is a rain stick?

Oh, and if I was going to give you drum sticks–I would absolutely give you the whole drum set so that you could at least use the sticks.

Thanks for the laughs–you guys are the best.

Keep guessing.  I promise you’ll love ’em if you win ’em.


My special friend, Holly, is doing something so amazing for her family.  You may have noticed this little button on the left hand column. 

All because her dear little son truly believes that he has a sister waiting for him in China.  So precious.

They are such an incredible family.  Dad is serving our country overseas, while mom holds down the fort here. Please support Holly in any way you can–even a word of encouragement will be such a blessing to her heart. Surely every military wife and mom needs some encouragement?  I have no idea how she holds it all together.  I would be a mess.


Hope you’re all having a blessed Tuesday.

Thank you for all the sweet notes of encouragement for my family.  We have no idea what God is doing, but we do know He never slumbers nor sleeps.  We’re holding onto His promises. We know He is always working things out on our behalf.  Always!