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Dear body of Christ,

Firstly, I wanted to share some very good news with you.  Precious Jiang Wei has a family!  I am so, so happy for her.  I know that she is truly going to blossom in a family.  Thank you to all of you who shared her need to find a family very quickly.

But the reason I wanted to reach out to all of you today is because my heart is aching for a young man who is still waiting for someone to CHOOSE him.

So many of us have rallied and shouted at the top of our lungs for “NOAH”.  Thousands of people have read the sad cry of his heart, which is a longing to have a family of his own.

Read this letter he wrote that was translated into broken English:

I Want to Have a Home

“Whenever I see the kids in the school have their own mom and dad, I hope I can have a home. There are dad, mom, brothers and sisters. What a happy life it is! After school, I saw a lot of parents waiting for their children at the school gate. The children can tell their mom and dad that they made new friends and learned a lot of knowledge in school, and teachers also awarded a little red flower. Although I won small red flowers, learned knowledge, made friends, whom can I tell? So I really want to have a home. Every time, someone got 100 points in exam and back home to tell their mom and dad. They are so happy. But I, although also got 100 points, but not so happy. I want to have a home. So I have mom and dad picked me up after school. I can tell mom and dad that I got 100 points.

Who can give me a home? I want to have a home. If I have a home, I will care for the family, love the family, and love all the people in the family.”

But still, he waits for a family to come forward.

Honestly, I don’t understand.

I don’t get how a young man can take the time to write a note in the hope that someone will read it and give him a chance–an opportunity to be a part of a family–and be turned away.

I don’t get how we can turn a blind eye and say, “Sorry.  Not my problem.”

I really don’t understand.  We’re the ones who are called to do the hard things and the seemingly impossible things.  We, the bride of Christ, are called to be His hands and feet to those who call for us and so desperately need us.  It IS our problem, isn’t it?

It breaks my heart in two.

His only hope now is for a family who is willing to have an update done on a current home study, or for a family to add him to their current adoption that is already traveling to his country soon.

Unfortunately time is not on Noah’s side.

He MUST legally be adopted by his fourteenth birthday in December.  That’s just two months away!

Difficult, yes! But still not impossible.

Please, Church, I’m pleading with you today.  PLEASE SHARE HIS NEED FOR A FAMILY! It is honestly his only hope right now.

I just cannot imagine the heartache and sheer rejection this boy will feel one of these days when someone has to tell him, “Sorry, no one is coming for you!”

Why is my heart so broken for this one?

Because his life matters too.

Because the absolute desire of his heart is to be a part of a family.  This precious child knows family.  He was abandoned in a train station when he was six years old!  Can you even begin to imagine?  I can’t.

I am stretching my faith and believing for Noah’s miracle.  Will you join me?  Will you share HIS STORY?

Thank you for joining me in prayer for this young man’s life.

Now…show us your glory, Lord Jesus!