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please pray for them

I am so ridiculously far behind on life.  Everything has had to take a back seat this week.  My days have been all about packing and getting ready to move in 5 days time, and helping Hailee and Harper to adjust to their new life.  Life has been crazy.  Needless to say, I have not had a single moment to catch up on what is happening in the world of blogging.

So it was with much sadness that I just heard today about Chrissie’s passing into glory.  Oh my goodness, there truly are no words.  Adopted just seven months ago, her new life had only just begun.  How absolutely heartbreaking for her sweet family. My heart cannot even imagine.  I know that many of you have followed Chrissie’s story–but if you have not, please go to her mom’s blog, read their painful story, and lift them up in prayer at this time. They are such an amazing family who have not waivered in their faith once on this hard journey. They need our prayers, friends.

Sometimes there truly are no answers this side of heaven…still, we trust HIM with all our hearts and hang onto the promise that some day every tear will be wiped away. Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

So many of you have asked me about how Hailee is doing. I appreciate your care and concern so very much. I am working on an update and will post it very soon. My heart, my emotions, my thoughts and my feelings on where we’re at with our precious angel coming soon.

Love and huge hugs to all of you.  You’re all so wonderful.